Friday, May 17, 2013

First post in Sg.

Haiiiii, its been a long time huh.
I've no idea why my blogging mood only appear at midnight.
I got my dream came true in the end.
And yeah, finally I can continue my studies in sg!
Surprised yet satisfied.

Its a quite rush decision as they informed me 2weeks before the school start.
Quite crazy huh! :/
But luckily, you're always beside me and help me did alot of stuffs!
Online enrolment,medical checkup,student pass,bank acc and etc!
Really thanks alot.
Without you,I was like crazy monkey searching everywhere to get help! LOL

Btw! Let me found a good unit to stay for this few years.
New paint, sipek-fast wifi! And all brand new IKEA furniture in!
And of course, started interact with my housemates from different states of msia! :)

I got to admit that..
I was missing home a lot in my first week here..
I started to miss everything in home that I thought they were bad when I'm there.
I wish I can stay by my parents side forever... of course I knew I couldn't.
Anyway, I promise I'll work hard and let both of you travel everywhere after retired!
Mommy, I will try all my best to make this wish come true!
Wait for me. Heh.

Sure.. I'll never miss out an important one in my family list ;p
My Genie Girl!

See how cute is she!

L i k e A B o s s MAN! ;p

Time flies like we never realise..
Its been the fifth week at sg now.
Started to adapt the life here.
Life without parents, private transport, nice food and etc..

Everyday I only used 15mins to school by feet,but not waiting for the school bus like what I always did when I'm in secondary school. Aha. All by yourself!
Walk already became my daily routine in sg.
Kill laziness man... ;p
Even you wanna go any places in sg, you only can go by MRT or buses!
How wish I can driveeeeeee...seriously. Fuuuuuu..

Okayokay, to be continue sooooon.

Thanks NYP for the appreciation of my results.
Thanks Singapore for giving me the opportunity!
And of course never miss out you, my love ;p
The one who always by my side and encourage me a lot.
Once again, I'll never be the best without you :)
Love you muchie! <3

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